SEAQIS Celebrates its Sixth Anniversary


SEAMEO QITEP in Science Celebrated its sixth anniversary on 14 July 2015. The celebration was conducted in the Centre along with Buka Bersama. The celebration was attended by all staff members, management and also Dr Indrawati, and Mr Aang Gumilar, the top management of PPPPTK IPA.

The celebration was started with lecture from ustadz talking about the importance and significance of Ramadan as training centre for Muslim to be much better. He also pointed out that it is a good time to do self reflection during the Ramadan. The agenda was closed with having fast break together (Buka Bersama), initiated by cutting off the top of tumpeng, a traditional cone-shaped rice, by Prof Triyanta, the Director of SEAQIS.


Reciting the Holy Quran, by Mr Rizwan


IMG_1267 Welcome speech by the Director


SEAQIS Staff members with the birthday cake