Sustainable Development and Its Implementation: A Lecture by Prof Emil Salim


Prof Emil Salim gave lecture to sixty teachers and educational personnel from Southeast Asia participating in Training Course on Earth and Space Science and Training Course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development on 6 August 2015 at Marbella Suites Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Prof Emil, who is the main speaker of the trainings, shared his expertise by explaining the integration between environmental sustainable development and economic development. As the former minister of State for Population and the Environment, Republic of Indonesia, Prof Emil’s knowledge and experience successfully attracted the participants’ interest in attending this session.

Prof Emil also gave a comment related to education development. He believed that teachers are important in education development and described the criteria of a good teacher. He said that a real teacher is a teacher giving his/her whole heart, mind, soul, for students. A real teacher should also inspire his/her students to be productive, creative, and independent.

After this session, it is expected that the participants can develop conceptions in environmental education by using a range of strategies presented by Prof Emil and implement the conceptions to enhance students’ knowledge, build critical thinking skills and helps students make responsible decision relating to environmental issues.


Prof Emil Salim with participants of Earth and Space Training Course


Prof Emil Salim with Participants of Environmental Education for Sustainable Development Training Course