Training Course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development


Since 2009, the QITEP in Science has been developing whole school approach in the promotion of Environmental education. Through this, it helps to empower the science teachers and education personnel to integrate environmental education issues in schools and in community. One of the goals in this training is to improve the quality of Science teaching and learning in schools with respect to environment, ecosystem conservation and their support to sustainable development.

In addition, to continue this advocacy, QITEP in Science held a training Course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development at Marbella Suites Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia last 4-13 August 2015. It was attended by teachers and education personnel, composed of seven participants from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor Leste, Vietnam and 23 from Indonesia. During the sessions there were 3 experts presented namely professor Emil Salim from AIPI, Dr Tuswadi from Hiroshima University and Dr Achmad Sjarmidi from ITB shared their expertise regarding the topics.

As the session continues, the speakers encourage the participants to impart their knowledge to the students by giving activities such as making the Taka Kura, how to use the Bio Pori, segregating the Biodegradable and the non- Biodegradable together with class discussions and group activities. Also the YPBB team emphasizes the Zero waste Life style and a Panda Mobile was opened to selected elementary students at PPPTK ground last 12 August 2015 as part of their advocacy.

The Participants also have the out of the classroom activities like visiting the Saung Anglung “Mang Udjo”, Taman Hutan Raya Juanda, Bandung Geological Museum and Pasar Baru Trade Centre. At the end of the training, they share their talents in The Cultural exchange programme with a zest.