Astronomy and Culture in the Malay Archipelago


With sixty teachers and educational personnel from Southeast Asia who participated in the training course on earth and space science and environmental education for sustainable development last 10 August 2015 at Marbella Suites Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Prof. Bambang Hidayat of ITB gave a very informative lecture.

Prof. Bambang is one of the highlight speakers during the trainings. He was the Director of the Bosscha Observatory, a position which he held for over 15 years.  With his experiences and expertise, he shared his knowledge about the cultural aspects of astronomy in Indonesia. He stated that astronomy has a big impact in our cultural traditions we have today.

He also tackled about the upcoming total solar eclipse that will happen on 9th March 2016. Prof. Bambang elaborated the possible things that may happen during the phenomenon as he encouraged the participants to take note and observe the mystic that will rarely happen in the environment.

As the session continuous, the participants were very active regarding the topic and they developed a concept to improve the preservation of the environment. Through this, we are also keeping our culture and traditions safe.