Consultative Meeting on Mangrove Conservation Education


In line with the Education Priorities 2015-2030 Number 3 that is preparing school leaders, teachers and students towards resiliency in emergencies, SEAMEO Regional Center for Archeology and Heritage (SEAMEO SPAFA) lead by Dr. M.R. Rujaya Abhakorn, has an initiative to conduct a Consultative Meeting in Bangkok from 9-10 September 2015 by inviting several  SEAMEO Centers (BIOTROP, SEAQIS, SEAMOLEC), Map Action Project (MAP) organization, SEAMEO Secretariat and  2 local Mangrove Schools . Mangrove has been chosen as the object considering that this habitat is widely distributed among SEAMEO Member countries whilst the role and function has adhered in our daily life since long ago. At this event, SEAMEO QITEP in Science was represented by Dr. R. Indarjani, Deputy Director for Programmes.  The objective of the meeting was to explore for collaboration and establish working committee to bring mangrove as learning resources and living resources. During the meeting there was visit to Khlong Phitthaya Longkorn Primary School  and Bangpakong Bovorn Witthayyayon Secondary School that have been associated with SEAMEO SPAFA since 2006. These two schools has utilized mangrove with different purposes and can be a model for other SEAMEO member countries in managing mangrove forest for education, conservation and livelihods . At the end of the meeting all parties agreed to establish “Mangrove” sister schools between Thailand and Indonesia, conducted workshop to discuss the possibilities of Mangrove as Science Teaching, Sufficiency Economy, Conservation and Restoration in the community level. It was expected that the workshop will be conducted in SEAMEO BIOTROP on 2016 and the concept resulted from the workshop will be presented in Center Director Meeting to expand collaboration and supports.


All the participants of the Consultative Meeting on Mangrove Conservation Education