Monitoring and Evaluation in Bangkok, Thailand


SEAMEO QITEP in Science convened Monitoring and Evaluation (MONEV) of its alumnae course participant in Bangkok, Thailand on 1 December 2015. The MONEV was held at Srivikorn School where Ms Sukanya Kuesap, alumnae of Training Course on Earth and Space Science on August 2015, teaches Biology. The purpose of this program was to gather information regarding the effectiveness and impacts of the courses on the alumnae and her educational environment.

SEAMEO QITEP in Science staff, Gumyar Gustiana Gumilar and Rizwan Darmawan visited the school to conduct a classroom observation and alumnae interview as part of the MONEV programme. A Training Need Assessment was also convened at Srivikorn School by asking a number of science teachers of the school to determine what training is required by science teachers.

The data collected from respondents through the Action Plan survey instrument, the classroom observation and interviews, and training need assessment questionnaires will greatly contribute to the improvement of the Centre’s future programmes.


Classroom observation


group photo