SEAMEO STAR Village is Commenced!


The implementation programme of SEAMEO STAR Village was already commenced by collecting data in Desa Cihideung Ilir, Ciampea, Bogor. The data are needed to find out the picture of the village including the demography, human resources, natural resources, and so on.

The survey aimed to assess the needs of science teachers in Desa Cihideung Ilir, Ciampea, Bogor, in terms of science’s competence and skills development. This survey also sought the preliminary data concerning the number of science teachers, principals, and condition of the schools in Cihideung Ilir.

The method used in the survey was self-administered questionnaire, in which the respondents completed the instrument by themselves. For science teachers who teach in vocational schools, the survey was conducted in group setting. This method was used because it enables the survey team to reach a large number of potential respondents.

The respondents of this survey were two science teachers from two lower secondary schools, ten science teachers from four vocational schools, and four school principals. This survey took all the population of the science teachers and school principals in Cihideung Ilir as the respondents of the survey.

The data were collected on 11 December 2015, in SMP Darul Solihin, SMPN Terbuka Ciampea and SMK Geoinformatika.

In general, the respondents showed great enthusiasm to be involved in the project. They agreed that the project brings benefits to their professional development. They also considered the project is a great opportunity for them to improve their competence and skills particularly in teaching science, and at the end, it could be a media for promoting their village.


group photo with respondents in SMK Bioinformatika