Development Evaluation Training Workshop for SEAMEO


As part of Centre’s staff capacity building program, SEAMEO QITEP in Science sent Mr. Reza Setiawan to participate in Workshop on Development Evaluation Training organized by SEAMEO TROPMED Thailand. The workshop was convened from 30 November to 4 December 2015 taking place on Centara Watergate Hotel Bangkok, Thailand.

This 5-day program was aimed to enhance the participants’ capacities to undertake evaluation activities through the following activities:

  1. Discussing the basic principles, standards and concepts of development evaluation and Training Impact Evaluation
  2. Formulating evaluation objectives, design a logic of change for a specific evaluation project
  3. Developing the evaluation matrix corresponding to the evaluation objectives and logic of change of the specific evaluation project they are developing
  4. Identifying evaluation indicators for the evaluation project, prepare data collection tools/instruments appropriate for the project; and
  5. Developing the evaluation protocol.

As an output of this workshop all the participants was expected to develop an evaluation protocol for a specific project or program of the participants’ Centre that can be implemented upon return to station.


Mr Reza, representative from SEAQIS, explained the evaluation instrument used by SEAQIS