Foreign Research Fellows Program: A Cooperation Program between CRICED – University of Tsukuba and SEAMEO QITEP in Science


During November 2015, Ms Retzy N. Azizah from the R & D and Capacity Building Division attended the Foreign Research Fellows Program 2015 in Centre for Research on International Cooperation in Educational Development (CRICED), University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan. The aims of the program were: a) to seek valuable information, inputs, suggestions or feedback about the assessment instruments in inquiry-based science learning from the Science Education experts in the University of Tsukuba, b) to learn and explore about the current issues and best practices in science learning in Japanese schools and 3) to explore and discuss the possibilities of collaboration program between the two parties.

The instruments were designed in order to help teachers to conduct assessment or evaluation in their classroom, both for the students and for themselves. The instrument mainly focused on the teacher’s performance during the teaching and the students’ performance in inquiry learning. It could be used by the teacher him/herself or by their colleagues. These instruments combined the Marzano’s model about teacher evaluation and the levels of inquiry model. Hopefully, these instruments could be used as a standard in developing the other levels of inquiry, and also as a reference for teachers to develop their own assessment instruments.

For the future collaboration, all the information and inputs from this program will be acknowledged by SEAQIS. Hopefully, there will be another collaboration program in the coming years.


The SEAQIS representative with teachers from Junior High School