Workshop on Inquiry-Based Science Education


On Saturday, 21 May 2016, a Workshop on Inquiry-Based Science Education was held by the SD Widuri, Baleendah, Kabupaten Bandung.  The programme was initiated by local teachers previously participating in trainings under the cooperation of the Centre, ISTIC, and LAMAP. It was a kind of dissemination programme of knowledge and skill of the teachers in the previous Inquiry-Based Science Education trainings for other teachers in the area.

The workshop was attended by fifty-five elementary school teachers from fifteen elementary schools in Kabupaten Bandung. They Enthusiatically participated in the discussion and hands-on in modelled session led by the trained teachers. In addition, they were facilitated by the Centre to find out more about Inquiry-Based Science Education.

The programme was successfully conducted through the great supports and cooperation of local private industries, parents of SD Widuri students, and the Centre.  It is expected that there will be more valuable enhancement programmes and more teachers involved to improve the quality of science education in the area in the future.