Prof Triyanta Spoke at the Annual Seminar on Innovation and Learning of Science


Science, engineering, and technology have been developing so rapidly that effect to science teaching and learning. Without interlinking with the development of science, engineering, and technology, learning of science would be so insipid. Thus, innovation in science teaching by utilising technology such as ICT is of necessity. This leads the Faculty of Mathematics and Science of Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung Institute of Technology) to organise a yearly seminar on Innovation and Learning of Science (SNIPS). In 2016, SNIPS was held from 21 to 22 July at Aula Timur, Institut Teknologi Bandung. About 400 participants joined the seminar and presented their papers in various topics from pure science research to science learning methods development.

As SEAMEO Regional centre for QITEP in Science plays important roles in improving science teaching and learning in the Southeast Asia region, the seminar committee invited Prof Triyanta, the Director of the Centre, to give a plenary talk in the seminar. On this occasion Prof Triyanta introduced the Centre and shared his knowledge on inquiry based science education to the conference participants. He particularly introduced learning through an inquiry approach on the basic electromagnetic interaction.