SEAMEO QITEP in Science, collaborated with the Faculty of Indonesia University of Education (UPI) convened the 3rd Mathematics,Science, Computer Education International Seminar (MSCEIS) on 15 September 2016. The theme of this seminar was “Harnessing Local Wisdom to Build Competencies of Excellence in Research and Collaboration in The New Era of The ASEAN Economic Community”. The aims of the seminar were: (1) to brought together the scientists, education experts and practitioners, students, and civil society organization representatives in the scientific forum; (2) to shared and discussed theoretical and practical knowledge about innovation in mathematics, science and education.

The seminar was attended by 138 participants, 270 oral presenters and 45 poster presenters. The keynote speakers were Margaret Chmiel, Ph.D. (USA), Prof. Hans-Dieter Barke (Germany), Prof. Tsukasa Hirashima (Japan), and Prof. H. Furqon, MA., Ph.D (Indonesia). In the plenary session, Prof. Triyanta from SEAMEO QITEP in Science was being one of the main speakers, as well as Dr. Chong Kui Kian (Brunei Darussalam), Dr. Sazali bin Yusoff (Malaysia), Dr. Lorna D. Dino (Philippines), and Madame Irene Tan (Singapore). After the plenary session, the seminar was continued to the parallel sessions where all nominees of the Ki Hajar Dewantara Award presented their papers.  There were parallel forums with different theme namely Physics and Physics Education, Biology and Biology Education, Chemistry and Chemistry Education, Mathemaatics and Mathematics Education,  and Computer Science.