The 39th SEAMEO High Officials Meeting


The SEAMEO High Officials Meeting (SEAMEO HOM) is the forerunner of the annual SEAMEO Council Conference convened annually by the SEAMEO Secretariat. It is a preparatory meeting whereby senior education officials review and plan the programmes and operations of the organisation.  Decisions and recommendations from this meeting will set the agenda and issues for discussion in the SEAMEO Council Conference, which is the meeting of the organisation’s governing body consisting of all the education ministers of the Member States.

The delegates of the SEAMEO HOM are high-level officials or representatives from the Ministries of Education of SEAMEO Member States, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members; Directors of the SEAMEO Secretariat and the Regional Centre/Network; staff of the SEAMEO Units; and observers from partner organisations. As the SEAMEO Secretariat is located in Bangkok, Thailand, the city has been chosen as the meeting venue.

The SEAMEO QITEP in Science delegates consisted of Prof Dr Triyanta, the Director; Dr Indarjani, the Deputy Director for Programme; Mrs Lili Indarti, the Deputy Director for Administration; and Mrs Lee Saw Im, the Ki Hajar Dewantara Awardee.

The 39th High Official Meeting which was conducted on 15-17 November 2016 at the Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand was somewhat different from the previous ones because it was the very first time on the history of the meeting that there was an inauguration of an award innitiated by a SEAMEO Centre in the opening ceremony. It was the innauguration of the Ki Hajar Dewantara Award.  All parties gave positive responses to the award and encourage other Centres to convene similar programmes.

Written by Lili Indarti