Training on Subject Knowledge Enrichment in Physics


SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) has successfully conducted Training on Subject Knowledge Enrichment in Physics which participated by 27 teachers from several cities in West Java and Banten Province. The training was conducted at Topas Galeria Hotel, Bandung from 29 November-02 December 2016. The resource persons of the training were Prof Triyanta, Director of SEAMEO QITEP in Science; Dr Sparisoma Viridi, Dr Novitrian, and Dr Fiki Taufik, lecturers of Institut Teknologi Bandung; and Dr Setiya Utari and Dr Ana Ratna Wulan, lecturers of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

As many institutions had convened trainings for Physics teachers focusing on teaching methodology, SEAQIS had an initiative to conduct a training intended to refresh and enrich teachers’ knowledge in Physics. The resource persons delivered four main topics which were Relativity, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Waves. In addition, the participants also learned about how to create Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions.

The resource persons who are experts in Physics really helped the participants in understanding many Physics concepts. Aziz, participant from Cendikia Vocational School, stated “many concepts, which seem to be very complicated before, become simpler after I participated in this training. I can understand the concepts much better now”.

This training could fulfill teachers’ needs in strengthening their knowledge in the subject they teach. Teaching methodology is a critical aspect that every teacher must comprehend, but having comprehensive understanding on the subject delivered to students is a must.

Written by Rizwan Darmawan