Training on Subject Knowledge Enrichment in Biology


Realising the challenges biology teachers face in delivering some topics, the Centre held the Training on Subject Knowledge Enrichment in Biology on 29 November-02 December 2016 at the Topas Galeria Hotel. There were 28 biology teachers of high school level from West Java and Banten Province as well as Makassar who attended the training. The Centre invited resource persons such as Dr Ana Ratna Wulan from the Centre, Drs Dadang Machmudin, MSi from the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia also Dr Anggraini and Dr Maelita R Moeis from the Institut Teknologi Bandung to teach the teachers.

The training focused on topics that are not easy to comprehend by students like metabolism, characteristics of cell and cellular biology application, molecular genetics, also application of animal and plant development. During the training, the teachers participated actively by asking questions and shared the problems they faced in teaching those topics. In addition, they also learnt to make good Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions as the framework of the HOTS questions had been conveyed at the beginning of the training.

 At the closing ceremony, the representative of all biology teachers, Mr Chandra Widhikrama from SMAN 1 Cibadak said that he hesitated at first since most of the participants were still young. However at second thought, he was grateful to be chosen since there were not many trainings discussing subject knowledge enrichment and thus he learnt many things at this training.

It was expected that after attending the training, all participants could understand the topics acquired better and transferred the knowledge to their students. The Centre also hoped that they could implement the HOTS questions that had been made.

Written by Amalia Dwi Utami