Workshop on Programme Evaluation in 2016


The SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) has successfully conducted a Workshop on Programme Evaluation 2016 at the Sari Ater Hotel & Resort, Subang, Jawa Barat from 20–23 December 2016. All staff of SEAQIS and some invited guests attended the workshop aimed to evaluate the Centre’s programmes during 2016 and strengthen the planning programmes for year 2017.

The workshop was opened by Prof Triyanta as the Director of SEAQIS. Dr Sediono Abdullah, the director of CDETEP in Science (SEAQIS’s host institute) described some of CDETEP programmes and gave some good advice to SEAQIS to run next year programmes. During the workshop, every division of SEAQIS presented their programmes evaluation conducted in 2016 and design of programmes for the next year as well.

One of invited resource persons, Stevie Lengkong, freshened the workshop with many interesting games. He also invigorated the SEAQIS’s staff motivation to face the new challenges in 2017. At the end, to strengthen relationships among the staff, outbound, rafting and paint ball activities were held.