Training for Head of Science Laboratory Candidates in Pekanbaru, Riau a success!

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Training for Head of Science Laboratory Candidates is one of the In-Country Training Programmes of the Centre. The pattern commonly implemented in this type of training is In-On-In pattern; it consists of 40 lesson hours for the first In Service Training, 70 lesson hours for the On the Job Learning, and 40 lesson hours for the second In Service Training. Andragogy approach is used while the methods employed are lectures, discussions, demonstrations, practice, and assignments.

 The first In Service Training of the Training for Head of Science Laboratory in Pekanbaru was held from 25 to 27 November 2016, while the second In Service Training was conducted from 13 to 15 January 2017. Whereas, On the Job Learning began after the first In Service Training and is expected to be completed one month after the second In Service Training in February. The trainings were attended by 38 participants consisting of 21 science teachers of senior high schools, 1 science teacher of a vocational school, and 16 science teachers of junior high schools.

Overall, the trainings aimed to enhance managerial and professional competences of the candidates. The training is also expected to create competent science laboratory heads complying administrative requirements to carry out their duties. Furthermore, the candidates are expected to give impact on the development and improvement of science teaching quality in schools.

 A participant—coming from a village inhabited by oil palm farmers—described that there was no electricity in her school. The condition was something that the teachers from urban area in Riau would never face. Thus, she felt grateful to have the chance to join a training the Centre conducted. Hopefully next time, the Centre can reach more teachers, whether they come from urban or rural areas, in Indonesia as well as Southeast Asia so there are more people benefitted by the Centre’s programmes.

Written by: Dian Purnama