Prof. Yoshisuke Kumano’s Visit: Introducing Japan’s STEM


Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) as the Centre’s niche area has the potential to be developed into Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. This is due to the reason that the orientation of IBSE, which is to raise students’ curiosity towards science, can be continued up to the stage of the creation of innovation through STEM.

Through cooperation schemes between SEAMEO and the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT), the Centre had a great chance to have the visit of Prof Yoshisuke Kumano of Shizuoka University on 13-17 February 2017. The purposes of the visit were to share knowledge, experiences and inspiration in STEM education. One of the accomplished agenda during his visit was In House Training for the Centre’s staff which specifically aimed to enhance the staff’s understanding of STEM. Other activities were academic review on STEM-based research plans and public lecture at Indonesia University of Education (UPI), as well as review on examples of STEM’s implementation in the classroom. Moreover, Prof Kumano also became the keynote speaker in the Seminar on STEM Education attended by 183 teachers, lecturers, education personnel, and students. not only did he introduce STEM in the Seminar, he also shared information regarding STEM Education in Japan.

At the end of the short visit, the Centre and Prof Yoshisuke Kumano agreed to arrange further meetings and discussions about STEM, directly or indirectly, for learning resources sharing and research collaboration.

Written by: Eka Danti Agustiani