Science learning in elementary school level cannot be separated from hands-on activities in class.  Those activities will help the students understand science concepts easier. Other than that, students will also get new and fun experiences to support their understanding on science.

To improve teachers’ quality in teaching science, the Centre held a Science Enhancement Training for 70 teachers from elementary schools around Baleendah district. The training, held at SD Widuri on 18 February 2017, aimed to give lesson on hands-on activities. The teachers who were used to lecture teaching style were expected to implement hands-on activities in the classroom.

Materials covered in this training were physics, chemistry, and biology. For physics, the topics were related to force and energy also magnetism. During the session, teachers were given hands-on kit to make STEM-based ‘renewable car’ and simple electric motor using battery and magnet. Meanwhile, the biology topic delivered was about nutritional substance in food. The topic was learnt via food testing on 14 kinds of food using lugol solution, biuret test, and brown paper. These tests were done to determine carbohydrate, protein, and fat substances in food. During the chemistry session, teachers were introduced to acid-base test using natural indicator: red cabbage soultion. In the test, common household liquids, such as lemonade and soapy water, were mixed with red cabbage juice. Then the mix’s changing colours were observed as indicators of acidic and basic content.

Written by: M Haidar Helmi

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