APEC-Tsukuba and UNESCO (MGIEP) International Conference XI


The Eleventh APEC-Tsukuba and UNESCO (MGIEP) International Conference was convened on 9-12 February 2017 at the Tokyo Campus, the University of Tsukuba, Japan. The topic for this year’s conference, held in conjunction with the APEC lesson study projects, was related to energy efficiency. It focused on planning the development of the textbooks for energy efficiency by cross-border lesson study. The conference began with a lesson study meeting, claimed as the largest lesson study meeting in the world, at the University Tsukuba’s affiliate elementary school. It was attended by more than 200 teachers and observed by participants of the conference. The main agenda of the conference was progress reports on the task development of energy related to mathematics education by those participated in the project. In this meeting, SEAMEO QITEP in Science, represented by Prof Triyanta as the Director, had a chance to highlight energy concepts related to some physical phenomena that were introduced in some STEM or IBSE trainings conducted by the Centre.

jepang3Back to back to the conference was a SEAMEO-University of Tsukuba Symposium. Here, participants learnt the educational reforms of the SEAMEO member countries. SEAMEO Secretariat, SEAMEO RECSAM, SEAMEO CELLL, SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics and SEAMEO QITEP in Science participated in the symposium. Dr Ethel P Valenzuela, the SEAMEO Secretariat’s Deputy Director for Programme, introduced the Seventh Priority Areas of the 2015-2035 SEAMEO while representatives of the three SEAMEO Centres introduced their own Centres. In addition to introducing the Centre, Prof Triyanta also pointed out the Centre’s activities related to the seventh priority areas.



Written by Prof Triyanta