HOTS Questions and Simple Science Experiments Training for Elementary School Teachers


Science experiment will be a good way to encourage students to develop their critical thinking skills, especially those that use the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) models. Moreover, students’ critical thinking skills can be demonstrated and developed through Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions. Simple science experiments can be conducted in elementary school classes to increase students’ curiosity, also make them easier to understand science—especially the one related to everyday life.

In regard to the above statements, on 25 February 2017, the Centre trained elementary school teachers around Baleendah district to improve teachers’ understanding and experience on simple science experiments and how to make HOTS questions at SD Widuri, Baleendah. There were around 60 participants from elementary schools around Baleendah district who enthusiastically participated.

In the training, the participants were taught how to do hands on related to matter changes by using acetic acid, bottles, balloons and baking soda materials.  For the STEM session, the participants were given the task to make chemical rockets made from acetic acid and baking soda. Finally, they were then trained to make HOTS science-based question items.

Written by: Amallia Yuliana