Building Students’ Characters through STEM and Scientific Literacy

Online Lecture 20 Mar

Ability to solve problem and think critically are two necessary skills in the 21st century. By thinking critically to solve a problem, students will be able to develop their creativity to innovate and solve the problem in the end.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and scientific literacy are important knowledge that will motivate students to think critically and solve problems. Through STEM education, students are urged to develop their knowledge and critical thinking to face existing phenomena. Students will also be able to design advantageous technology as alternative solution. Through scientific literacy, other than gaining new knowledge, students will be also urged to identify problems, describe scientific phenomena, and able to draw conclusion from the empirical evidences they found. In the end, student will be more sympathetic towards their environment, especially the science related ones.

To improve students’ character with 21st century competence, SEAMEO QITEP in Science collaborated with SEAMOLEC and SEAMEO Secretariat to hold an online lecture on the 20-21 March 2016. The first day lecture, an introduction of STEM Education in Japan and Indonesia, was delivered by Irma Rahma Suwarna, Ph.D.. Meanwhile, the second day lecture was delivered by Prof. Anna Permanasari about scientific literacy. Approximately, 372 people from various SEAMEO member countries participated during the lecture.

To find out more about the online lecture on STEM Education and scientific literacy, you can click here and here


Written by:  SEAMEO QITEP in Science Public Relation Team