Indonesia-Thailand Collaboration Programme: The Empowerment of Mangrove by Coastal Schools


Demak—As a follow up to the initial visit held on 13-15 March 2017, three SEAMEO Centres, one of them was SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) and several related parties conducted a follow-up meeting of the Mangrove Education and Conservation programme. The activities involved in this coordination meeting were to discuss programmes as well as roles and cooperation agreements on 26-28 April 2017.

The participants of this programme were SEAMEO SPAFA from Thailand as the initiator, SEAMEO BIOTROP as the leading Centre in Indonesia, SEAQIS, SEAMOLEC, UNDIP, IKEMAT Foundation, the Demak Regent, the Education Office of Demak Regency, and schools such as SDN 01 Bedono and SMPN 03 Satu Atap Sayung in Demak Regency also two mangrove-based schools in Thailand. The meeting was held at the Hotel Amantis Demak, Central Java.

The result of this activity was the signing of a framework of cooperation, witnessed by the Regent of Demak Regency. This framework contained an agreement of the duties and responsibilities of each party in this collaborative programme in accordance with their respective fields and institutional specifications.

Particularly, SEAQIS has a role to play in the development and improvement of education capacity in science, especially in the utilisation of mangrove as a teaching material.

This programme was expected to increase public awareness towards the importance of maintaining good mangrove ecosystem for environmental sustainability, disaster resilience and the improvement of life skill and economy of society. This collaboration was one of SEAQIS’s efforts to expand the network with various institutions in Indonesia and Southeast Asia supporting government efforts to enhance the quality of education and welfare of local communities.

Written by: SEAMEO QITEP in Science Public Relation Team