Training for the Head of Science Laboratory Candidates: Gowa Regency


Gowa Regency—After holding the Training for the Head of Science Laboratory Candidates in April at Garut Regency and Jayapura City, this time SEAQIS in collaboration with the Department of Education and Culture of Gowa Regency organised a training with the same theme.

The opening of the programme was attended by the Head of Section of Junior High School Curriculum, Drs Nasruddin MM, as the representative of the Education and Culture Office of Gowa Regency and all participants of the training. Prof Triyanta, Mr Heri Setiadi and Mr Septian Karyana attended the training as the representatives and speakers from SEAQIS. The opening of this programme became essential as it ended with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between SEAQIS and the Department of Education and Culture of Gowa Regency.

The training, conducted at SMPN 4 Sungguminasa, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, was participated by at least 32 science teachers of junior high school in region 2 Gowa Regency. This training employed in-on-in pattern where the first training served as the In-Service I Training.

In the training, most participants still found it difficult to operate science laboratory tool kit due to their limited knowledge. Therefore, it was expected that after joining the training, the participants were able to apply their knowledge while teaching in the laboratory. Moreover, they should be able to report their work and improve their knowledge along with their skill in handling the laboratory. They were also supposed to teach the skill in using science kit as a simple research tool in the laboratory. All in all, the teachers were not only expected to be able to manage the science laboratory in general, but also able to use the laboratory tool kit.

Written by the Public Relations Team of SEAMEO QITEP in Science

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