About SEAMEO QITEP in Science

The SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Science was established in 13 July 2009 through the approval of the 44th SEAMEO Council Conference in Phuket, Thailand. The Centre was envisioned to be “a Centre of professional excellence in the area of science teaching for teachers and education personnel within the framework of sustainable development”. Its original mission is to provide relevant and quality programs in professional excellence for science teachers and education personnel through capacity building activities, resource sharing, research and development, and networking. To help actualize this vision and mission, the Centre adopted the following objectives:

  1. To improve the quality of science teachers and education personnel in the region to contribute to the growth and strengthening of the quality of education for better quality of life of the people of the region;
  2. To conduct research and development, provide training, information services and clearinghouse, and other related activities in science within and beyond the region;
  3. To establish networks for resource sharing, information exchanges, and research and development in the area of science education; and
  4. To provide access to decision makers for up-to-date, accurate and consistent data and information in science education for the benefits of the region.

The establishment of SEAMEO QITEP in Science was the affirmation of the Government of Indonesia, through its Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC), to actively contribute in science education development in the region. Currently, the Centre shares buildings and facilities with Pusat Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (Centre for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel in Science) as host institution, located in Bandung, West Java.