Vision, Mission and Goals


To be the Centre of excellence in professional development of teachers and education personnel in science towards sustainable development in Southeast Asia.


To provide relevant and quality programs in professional development for science teachers and education personnel through capacity building, research and development, resource sharing, and collaboration.



Professionalism means that every staff performs their job corresponding to their skills and special abilities and using intellectual-based techniques and procedures. Every staff is required to have high integrity, capabilities, discipline, qualified skills and knowledge to implement the Centre’s vision and missions.


All the staff members are part of a big family that has the same vision, mission, and goals. Each staff member should be able to support, cooperate and bring mutual benefit to each other in order to achieve the Centre’s vision and mission. The staff members should put as priority the principle of togetherness.


All staff are expected to give an optimum work performance through adopting an effective and efficient work system.


The Centre’s staff should possess and develop the ability to predict and respond to the changes, and generate new ideas

Lifelong learning

Centre’s staff should possess the eagerness to improve and enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitude throughout their life.


  1. To develop and implement effective inquiry-based science education training programs and other learning events;
  2. To strengthen national and international networking in science education;
  3. To conduct research-based innovations and resource-sharing in science education; and;
  4. To improve competence and management capabilities of QITEP in Science human resources for effective and efficient service delivery