SEAMEO Regional Centre for Quality Improvement of Teacher and Education Personnel (QITEP) in Science is located at Jalan Dipenogorono.  12, Bandung 40115, West Java, Indonesia.   The Centre contains the following facilities


Dormitory and Guest House

QITEP in Science provides 90 rooms which can hold 230 persons. QITEP also provides a guest house with three rooms, each of which can house up to five people.

Conference / Meeting facilities

Conference/Meeting Facilities QITEP in Science has an auditorium that can accommodate up to 200 people for seminars, conferences and meetings.The Centre has four classrooms, and each one is equipped with an LCD screen

Physics Laboratory The Centre has a fully equipped Physics Laboratory.

Chemistry Laboratory
The Centre has a fully equipped Chemistry Laboratory.

Biology Laboratory
The Centre has a fully equipped Biology Laboratory

Earth and Space Laboratory
The centre has a fully equipped Earth and Space Science Laboratory containing instruments and materials for the study of various earth and space sciences, such as weather, climate change, volcanoes, etc.

Computer Laboratory

The Centre has a fully equipped Computer Laboratory, which contains 36 Pentium Celeron PCs and 40 Dual Core PCs.

Exhibition Room

The Centre has an Exhibition Room filled with hands-on, interactive exhibits that teach about electricity, gravity, biology, and many other exciting areas of science.


Lots of science books are available in our library. It can be valueable place for everyone interested in finding various updated sources.
Green House

The Centre has a large Green House containing a wide variety of plants.