Dissemination Activities of the Training on Earth and Space Science’s Alumni


After the Training on Earth and Space Science has been held in August 2017, the participants, coming not only from Indonesia but also other SEAMEO Member Countries, returned to their respective school fulfilled with new knowledge. As promised in the interview, one of the selection processes, they disseminated the information they got during the training to their fellow teachers in the region. Most of them did it in the regular meeting of Science Teachers Forum.

Among the participants, Mr Andre Sutantyo, a teacher of SMA Kebon Dalem Semarang, did the dissemination exactly the next day after the training at Physics Teachers Forum of Semarang City followed by Mr Setyo Warjanto of SMA Negeri 86 Jakarta who did it on 16 August 2017 at Physics Teachers Forum of Jakarta. There were also Ms Sumerly Samosir from SMPN 2 Jayapura and Mr Edi Sunarso from SMPN 5 Bojonegoro who respectively shared the information to other science teachers on 23 and 26 August 2017. Lastly, there was Mr Endar Madesa from SMPN 5 Padang Panjang who disseminated the knowledge received during the training on 6 September 2017 at Science Teachers Forum of Padang Panjang City right before he attended a programme in China.

Besides explaining about the earth and space science training materials, they informed the forum about SEAMEO and SEAQIS as well as the programmes SEAQIS offered. They also specified about the steps and tips to apply for this prestigious programme in which they were chosen among all applicants. The audience engaged in lively discussion where they enthusiastically asked about the materials, research report, and English language requirement. It was expected that through the dissemination activities, more teachers would be interested in joining and benefitted by SEAQIS’ programmes like them.

Written by Amalia Dwi Utami