SEAQIS Focus Group Discussion: Integration of Disaster Mitigation in Schools

In recent times, we faced many destructive disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, forest fire, etc. Those disasters quite often claimed numerous casualties because it happened abruptly and caught us by surprise. One of the ways to reduce casualties in such events is to socialize the potential effect of those disasters. Therefore, SEAQIS as an organization whose responsible for improving science teacher’s capacity (including earth science) eagers to contribute by convening a focus group discussion (FGD) themed  “Disaster Mitigation in Schools”.

In collaboration with West Java Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Education Care Family Association (KerLIP), Bandung Institute of Technology’s Disaster Mitigation Research Centre (PPMB ITB), and Local Environment Agency (DLH), this one-day FGD brought the theme of how to learn and best practice of integration of disaster mitigation in learning process. After the presentation from Mr. Suhra from BPBD, Mr. Dani Prianto Hadi from DLH, Mr. Wahyu Darmawan from KerLIP, and Dr. Irwan Meilano from PPMB ITB, SEAQIS also formulated collaboration program strategy in integrating disaster mitigation to learning process in school led by SEAQIS head of Program Division, Mr Reza Setiawan.

In the end of the FGD, Dr. Elly Herliyani led the participants to finalize the disaster mitigation integration program strategy. Hopefully in the future we will be able to smoothly introduce the disaster mitigation by integrating it into the school’s curriculum, and which hopefully can reduce the casualties from unexpected disasters.

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