Breaking Barriers: Empowering Science Teachers through Holistic-Science Teaching Fellowship and Workshop with Pakistan


Starting from 8 to 11 November 2023, SEAQIS successfully conducted the Holistic Science Teaching Fellowship and Workshop at the Grandia Hotel in Bandung, Indonesia. In collaboration with World Science Collaborative Ltd (United Kingdom), Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), The Aga Khan University–Institute of Education Development (AKU-IED), and Qatar University, alongside partners Khawarzimi Science Society (KSS)-Lahore; Pakistan Innovation Foundation-Pakistan; STEMx-STEM School for the World-Islamabad, SEAQIS presented an innovative workshop to assist teachers in exploring and mastering the holistic teaching of science. 

A total of 40 participants—three Malaysians, two Bruneians, and 35 Indonesians—assembled to gain insights from other disciplines and, at the very least, to foster discussions and address students’ questions that might intersect with other realms of non-scientific knowledge. Eight leading researchers and scholars from Pakistan imparted their knowledge in this workshop: Prof Nidhal Guessom, Prof Noman ul Haq, Dr Athar Osama, Dr Faisal Khan, Prof Muhammed Abubakr, Dr Zainal Abidin Bagir, Dr Tasneem Anwar, and Prof Sabieh Anwar. 

Ms Nurathirah Yahya from Brunei Darussalam and Ms Ayu Yuana from Indonesia shared their positive experiences after participating in this seminar and workshop. Overall, their impressions of this event were highly favourable as it significantly broadened their knowledge in unexplored fields. Moreover, they both expressed their hopes and expectations to apply the knowledge gained over the four days and participate in other events held by SEAQIS in the future.  

In today’s educational landscape, teaching science holistically is undeniably crucial. Students’ curiosity and their interest in connecting various fields of knowledge should not be curbed, yet creating those connections requires the right approach. Therefore, orchestrating this Holistic Science Teaching Fellowship and Workshop can be a valuable step towards enhancing teachers’ knowledge and abilities to teach science holistically. 


Writer: Tiara Puspa Isnayana 

Proofreader: Anastasya Salsabila & Ayu Intan 

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