Since 2015 SMA BPI 1 BANDUNG join the SEAMEO-SEAMOLEC in the activities of Bandung Digital Smart School. Since then SMA BPI 1 BANDUNG was active and always send a teacher to participate in various activities organized by SEAMEO-SEAMOLEC. Including the one I followed pelatihan about HOTS preparation for 2 days at Marbela organized by Qitep in Science (institutes under the SEAMEO-SEAMOLEC). After attending the training all participants are responsible for making / providing HOTS questions that will be tested in the UDJ Bandung, There are even schools outside the city and outside the province to follow the UDJ. I was invited to attend the Advocacy Forum on SEAMEO Priority Areas No. 7. Adopting The 21st Century Curriculum on May 25 – June 27, 2016 in Bogor, West Java. In the activity that I was introduced to STEM (STEM Education). Follow-up events in Bogor, I was invited to attend training in STEM-based education in Science Qitep Bandung, 16-17 July 2016 and 29 to 30 July 2016. In the training, I was introduced STEM Education as a whole from the start to the theory and practice. As always the responsibility of the trainees are required to practice and disseminate in their respective schools.

First – first of all I disseminate to a friend – a friend of teachers in schools, facilitated by the principal in a special event held in the teachers’ lounge. The result of teachers – teachers responded positively and were very keen to try to practice in the classroom (especially teachers Science). The school immediately assess and ultimately make STEM team structure under the School Curriculum Development Team. STEM Education eventually went into the school curriculum as a strengthening material. The school brought from QIS (Barbara and Pak Heri) specifically to provide material that contains the introduction and application of STEM Education. Our Science teacher shall make STEM learning process at least once a semester, with the evidence of the issues raised and technological results of the solution of the problem, and reported to the Team Leader STEM. Which is planned end of each year on the distribution of report cards will be held exhibition of STEM Education (children’s work).

I try to practice STEM Education in the classroom is the moment of inertia of the material, a rigid body equilibrium and Bernoulli law (lift aircraft). Response children – exceptional child is very active, flexible and bold in expressing his ideas. Internal discussion group so alive, especially in designing technology that will be created. As a teacher I am very pleased with the condition out of character classes (learners who are creative and communicative etc.). I believe form the output (graduates) will be more competitive. but in looking for problems related to the technology that can be made in school I still select and sort the material that is suitable to be made / completed in the classroom, because the problem is the average time was not quite as easy in the classroom. Make a worksheet is not easy, worksheets can direct the child in order to connect the linkages with other subjects, which requires cooperation and discussion among MGMPs MGMPs active and solid. My experience if all the thought and work themselves will not be realized this STEM Education. STEM Education did I do in class is still far from perfect. I have for some time evaluated from start worksheets, questioning techniques how to lead students into thinking a comprehensive, project timeline, the materials to be used. How to lead students to a project that has been made has advantages and disadvantages. All of which is so material increase my competence as a duty and my function as a teacher. The key to the frequent practice in the classroom we will know what weaknesses that must be corrected and changed, to be effective and understandable learners. Personally I would like to thank Qitep in Science (SEAMEO-SEAMOLEC) are already adding new insight and knowledge, so I was motivated to learn and keep learning.


Physics teacher


Cucu Hidayat, S.Pd

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