Expert Link : media that helps schools to get assistance from experts on EESD and CCE activities or project

Picture of Moch. Farhan Helmy, M.Eng.

Moch. Farhan Helmy, M.Eng.

A scientifically-trained independent professional on environmental, natural resources, and climate change governance and policy assesment.

Picture of Dicky Edwin Herdianto

Dicky Edwin Herdianto

Renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon trading, sustainability issues and climate change

Picture of Ir. Fabby Tumiwa

Ir. Fabby Tumiwa

Expert on renewable energy, particularly solar PV and biogas

Picture of Budhi Gunawan, MA., Ph.D.

Budhi Gunawan, MA., Ph.D.

Expert in anthropology, socio-economic and environmental issues

Picture of Barokah Sri Utami

Barokah Sri Utami

Pharmaceutical Business Expert & coach

Picture of Denni Hamdani

Denni Hamdani

Environmental and social observers and activists

Picture of Dr. Irman Firmansyah, M.Si

Dr. Irman Firmansyah, M.Si

Expertise in system dynamics and spatial dynamics

Picture of Siti Aisyah Damiati, M.Phill, Arch.

Siti Aisyah Damiati, M.Phill, Arch.

Green Architecture; expert on sustainable design in tropical climate

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