A. General Description

SEAMEO QITEP in Science conducts trainings for science teachers and educational personnel in Southeast Asia every year. We grant scholarship for 30 selected participants (free charge of programme, accomodation, meals, and transportation during the training).

In the regular training courses, we only provide slots for 30 participants consisting of 20 participants from Indonesia (selected by SEAMEO QITEP in Science) and 10 participants from other SEAMEO member countries (selected/nominated by Ministry of Education in the respective countries).

The trainings that will be held in 2017 are:

  1. Earth and Space Science (Code: ESS)

    Bandung, 1-10 August 2017

    Training Course on Earth and Space Science aims to increase teachers’ comprehension in the concept of earth and space. This training consists of material session, hands-on activities that will be applied by teachers to increase the quality of students learning.

    Intended for: science, physics, and geography teachers in junior and senior high schools


  1. Environmental Education for Sustainable Development (Code: EESD)

    Bandung, 1-10 August 2017

    Training Course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development aims to share best practice activities related to environmental knowledge, ability, and values, and also to integrate sustainable development issues in science learning for students.

    Intended for: primary school teachers, science, biology, and chemistry teachers in junior and high schools


  1. Science Classroom Supervision (Code: SCS)

    Bandung, 1-10 August 2017

    Training Course on Science Classroom Supervision aims to increase the competency of principals and school superintendents in developing the quality of educators by applying the school based management.

    Intended for: principals, vice principals, and superintendents of schools in all levels.

B. General Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for selection process.

  • Not more than 52 years old of age.
  • Understand English.
  • HAS NEVER participated in any regular training courses conducted by SEAMEO QITEP in Science in last two years (alumni data will be verified).
  • Active teacher in school, or active member of MGMG or MKKS, etc.
  • Good health condition.
  • Should not be regarded as an expectant mother.

C. Requirements before Registration

Before conducting online registration, applicants must read the following conditions:

  • Applicants have read the requirements and are eligible.
  • Applicants have never participated in any regular training courses conducted by SEAMEO QITEP in Science before.
  • Applicants are teachers or educational personnel of elementary/high school (SD/MI, SMP/MTs, SMA/MA, SMK) or are eligible for the particular training course.
  • Applicants are active in their duty (teaching, supervising, etc).
  • Applicants who are taking study permits and wish to register should enclose the reference letter from his/her principal/head of office in the motivation letter.
  • The registration opens for the government or non-government officers, honorary in public school, Islamic school or private school.
  • Applicants are Indonesian citizen and live in Indonesia.
  • Applicants from a same school can register to participate in a same training course, but there will be one accepted participant from each school for a same training course.
  • Individual applicant and official-recommended applicant will be assessed by the same process and criterion.
  • Applicants who are not accepted to participate in a certain training course and wish to apply to participate in the other regular training courses will have the same process of selection with the other applicants.
  • It is not allowed for the applicants who have husband-wife or family relationship to be in the same training in the same time.
  • The decision is final and inviolable.

D. The Rules for Selected Applicants

  1. Official announcement

    Selected 20 participants from Indonesia in every training course will be contacted directly by the committee by phone and will be sent an official invitation letter by email at least in two weeks before the training courses.

  2. Innovation/Implementation report

    Selected participants will be required to make a country report or innovation report (the detail will be informed in the invitation letter), which describes best-practice, research, or classroom action research with certain theme and format.

  3. Transportation

    Selected participants from West Java, Banten, and DKI Jakarta will commute by land transportation (using train, bus, travel agent, etc).

    Selected participants coming from outside West Java, Banten, and DKI Jakarta can use the economy class flight.

  4. Arrival Confirmation

    Selected participants should confirm the availability of participation, at maximum two weeks prior to the day of training course through telephone or email.

  5. Disqualification

    Disqualification or cancellation of participation will apply on the following conditions:

    • Proven to conduct falsification of data/identity.
    • Proven to conduct plagiarism to the creation and intellectual property in the country report/innovation report.
    • Acknowledged as an alumnus of any regular training courses conducted by SEAMEO QITEP in Science in last two years.
    • Not permitted by his/her direct head/superior (principal, foundation or official).
    • Absence more than two days during the training course.

E. Prohibition

Selected participants are not allowed to:

  • Bring their children, friends, babysitter or other family members during the training course.
  • Leaving the training course session in a long time without notification to the committee in charge.
  • Leaving the training course session without prior notification to the committee (the participant who has some businesses outside the training course should send prior notification to the committee before leaving).
  • Bring any weapons to the training course venue.
  • Smoke and eat during the training course session.

F. Online Registration

Applicants who meet the requirements and wants to join the selection must complete online registration and complete the document for administration selection.

Applicants can conduct online registration through the following link:

Uploaded documents should include: motivation letter (max. 3 paragraphs), photo (in colour), and if any, official letter of English proficiency as a matter of consideration.

Online registration will be closed on 12 May 2017.

Applicants who pass the administrative selection will proceed to interview test by phone.

The committee’s decision is final. The committee does not charge any fee for this selection process.

G. Others

Other concerned information/regulation which has not yet stated in this guide book will be determined later.

For inquiries and other information, please do not hesitate to contact the following contact person:

H. Contact Person

Dian Purnama (Mr)

Program and Training Division

Phone              : 022-4218739

Whatsapp        : 085624649045

Email               :

Find our other programmes and information on the following official account.

Facebook :

I. Must downloaded files

registration guide in Bahasa

registration guide in English