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Ki Hajar Dewantara Award 2018

17 - 19 Sept


About the event

The Background

Ki Hajar Dewantara (KHD) Award is an idea and initiative by SEAMEO QITEP in Science to honour and appreciate the science teachers who have dedicated their lives and effort to bring the teaching and learning process up to an excellent level. This concept derives from the inspiration of the founding father of National Education, the late Ki Hajar Dewantara for his unceasing commitment to make education a contribution towards human liberation. We grant scholarship for 30 selected teachers as the nominees of KHD Award (free charge of programme, accommodation, meals, and transportation during the programme).

The KHD Award will be conducted from 17 to 19 September 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. The award will be conferred during the International Conference on Science Education and Teacher Professional Development (ICon), biennially event of SEAMEO QITEP in Science, where teachers, academics, researchers and education observers gather to inform, discuss, exchange and disseminate their best practices in facilitating the learning process.

The Goals

The purposes of this award are:

    1. to commemorate the services of Ki Hajar Dewantara in forming national education system in both philosophy and practices;
    2. to develop, advocate and reward excellence in science learning and teaching practices that contributes to the students’ learning experience and outcomes;
    3. to reinforce the concept of the teaching profession and science education development as a driving force in the regional progress leading collectively to prosperity and peace to the ASEAN Economic Community;
    4. to  foster  cooperation  and close relationships  among SEAMEO Member Countries by means of  better science education and a greater awareness of the place of  science in society.


The theme of this year’s Ki Hajar Dewantara Award is Innovation in Teaching, Learning, and Student Engagement through the Implementation of STEM Education.

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*2016 KHD Winners

The nominees

The nominees of the Ki Hajar Dewantara award are 30 selected science teachers consisting 20 teachers from Indonesia and 10 teachers from other SEAMEO Member Countries who will become speakers in the International Conference on Science Education and Teacher Professional Development. Each member country will be represented by one selected teacher in the KHD Award session.

Selection Mechanism

In selecting the winners of the Ki Hajar Dewantara Award, the selection mechanism is described in the following steps.

Assessment of the submitted documents (portfolio) and the quality of the research paper.

  • Selected applicants will proceed to online session to present their research paper. Qualified applicants will be selected as the nominees of the KHD Award.
  • All nominees of KHD Award will receive travel grant to attend and become speakers in the ICon in Bali, from 17 to 19 September 2018.
  • During the KHD Award session, the assessment of the presentation of one representative from each SEAMEO member country will be done by the group of jurors.
  • The chosen presentation will be acknowledged as the winner and will be inaugurated as the Regional Best Science teacher, receiving the Second Ki Hajar Dewantara Award.

What will you get?

The Award

  1. A Trophy
  2. A Certificate
  3. A Teacher Professional Development Fund sum of USD 5,000 for the first winner, USD 2,500 for the second place, and USD 1,000 for third place. The first winner will be given the award at the SEAMEO High Official Meeting (HOM). The cost of travel is part of the prize.

KHD 2016 Testimonials

Oh my god, I cannot believe that I got 1st best (science) teacher in South East Asia. It is very motivating for me. I hope that this award is not just for me but for all educators in South East Asia. I hope that this would inspire more and more and more science educators that would think, would produce very excellent young generations to the future. Thank you SEAQIS.

Lee Saw Im
1st Winner
I'm thrilled to join a programme from SEAQIS. I'm really happy that I can join this beneficial programme. In the future, we hope that we can join another programme held by SEAQIS, all of them are very beneficial and precious to develop and we will share the knowledge to our friends. Thank you.

Harman Singh Johll
2nd Winner
KHD is an exceptional award from SEAQIS to be presented to science teachers around South East Asia. This is also a chance for us, science teahers, to meet, to share idea, and to discuss. Hopefully, we can work together and collaborate even further. And next, of course, I'm thrilled and proud to win this prestigious award. In the future, I hope that I will be able to contribute even more to the educational science in Indonesia and all around South East Asia.
Risa Haridza
3rd Winner

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