Training for Head of Science Laboratory Candidates in Gowa Regency


As an effort to continue supporting teachers’ competencies improvement in Gowa Regency, the second in-service of the Training for the Head of Science Laboratory Candidates was held from 25 to 28 September 2017. The second in-service is in line with the pattern commonly implemented in this type of training that is In-On-In pattern; it consists of 40 lesson hours for the first In Service Training, 70 lesson hours for the On the Job Learning, and 40 lesson hours for the second In Service Training. The programme became the realisation of the collaboration scheme between SEAQIS and the Education Office of Gowa Regency in 2017.

The training, conducted at SMPN 4 Sungguminasa, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, was attended by 27 science teachers of junior high school in region 2 of Gowa Regency. The opening remarks was delivered by the Head of Personnel, Finance, and Infrastructure Division of SEAQIS, Mrs Lidiya Br Sinulingga and officially opened by Mrs Arfiani Babay as the Head of Science Teachers Forum in Gowa Regency. Mrs Lidiya Br Sinulingga, Mr Heri Setiadi, and Mr Lukman Nulhakim represented SEAQIS to be the instructors for the training.

The head of science laboratory in school plays a vital role in overall safety of the laboratory and is responsible for managing the daily science activities of the laboratory. The head of science laboratory takes responsibility for all aspects of the laboratory. Therefore, a head of the laboratory must be provided with the four competencies include personality, social, managerial, and professional. The primary aim of the training, then, was to enhance managerial and professional competences of the candidates. The training was also expected to create competent science laboratory heads complying administrative requirements to carry out their duties. Furthermore, the candidates were expected to give impact on the development and improvement of science teaching quality in schools.

Written by: Heri Setiadi

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