we provide professional training for teacher and education personnel in science

Regular Training

Earth and Space Science, Environmental Education for Sustainable Development, and Science Classroom Supervision were held every year.

Customized Training

Our Experts go to your region to train teachers and education personnel.

Collaboration Training

We have partners that support us with their resources to accommodate the teacher and education personnel needs in developing their skills.

Regular Training


Training Course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development aims to share best practiceactivities related to environmental knowledge, ability, and values, and also to integrate sustainable development issues in science learning for students.


Training Course on Earth and Space Science aims to increase teachers’ comprehension in the concept of earth and space. This training consists of material session, hands-on activities that will be applied by teachers to increase the quality of students learning.


Training Course on Science Classroom Supervision aims to increase the competency of principals and school superintendents in developing the quality of educators by applying the school based management.

Invite us to your region

Customized Training

We can provide our experts to train teachers and education personnel in your area.

Customized Training programme is part of our collaboration programme conducted domestically, whether in Indonesia or other SEAMEO member countries, based on the cooperation initiative of local executing institution in supporting capacity building of their local teachers and education personnel in science. This resource sharing basis training programme is offered by SEAMEO QITEP in Science with various themes, which are Science Laboratory Management, Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE), Computational Science Education, Utilization and Development of IT-based Media in Science Learning, Scientific Publication and Innovative Works, Enhancement of Science Knowledge, Authentic Assessment, also Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education.

Collaboration Training


Science and technology have changed the world for the better. Various applications of it have improved the well-being of people. More people are able to benefit the advances in science and many of these outcomes may not be achievable without economic progress in which science and technology again play a major role. In developed countries, the culture of discoveries and innovation has been well established within the communities.

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