One Day STEM Integration Workshop in 2013 Curriculum Implementation

Friday (8/3), group of teachers from MGMP IPA (Science Subject Teacher`s Forum) , Ciamis Regency, consisted of 26 teachers flocked to attend the event of One Day STEM Integration Workshop in 2013 Curriculum Implementation which is held by SEAMEO QITEP in Science. As the name implies, this workshop was 1 day long and discussed STEM integration and its implementation in 2013 curriculum. This event was formed on the cooperation request from MGMP IPA which was submitted to SEAMEO QITEP in Science, which was then realized in One Day Workshop event

In this one day workshop, STEM integration in implementing the 2013 curriculum is packed become a short training for 8 lesson hours. During these 8 lesson hours, the participants learned about STEM; started from the philosophy and characteristics, also Engineering Design Process (EDP) which is the characteristics of STEM. To learn it, participants were directed to learn through the activity of making a hologram transmitter and making the prototype of bungee jumping.

Showing their enthusiasm, the participants regretted the fact that the training was one day workshop. The participants actually hoped that the trainings regarding STEM would be implemented more frequently and have longer duration. Regarding to this, after the training, SEAMEO QITEP in Science and Ciamis Regency`s MGMP are looking forward to collaborate in the future to improve Ciamis Regency`s science teachers quality.

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