Science and Mathematics Learning Strategies in the Pandemic Period

SEAQIS conducted a webinar with the theme of Science Learning Strategy and Mathematics during the Pandemic on 1 July 2020. This was the continuation of the two previous webinars conducted in June. This webinar aimed to find out how teachers and education personnel apply their strategies in teaching science and mathematics during the Pandemic period. The speakers were Dr Indrawati, the Director of SEAQIS, Dr Sandi Budi Iriawan, an expert in the field of mathematics education as well as the lecturer at UPI, and Ms R. Siti Gamma Sita Dewi, an elementary school teacher. The webinar was attended by 230 participants through the Zoom platform. This webinar was devoted to teachers in IOA’s target areas.

The first speaker, Dr Indrawati, presented the dimensions of science learning. Besides, she also suggested how to address COVID 19 as an opportunity to carry out active learning and utilize distance resources that can be used in this pandemic period.

The second speaker, Dr Sandi Budi Iriawan, talked about Mathematics learning methods during the pandemic period. He presented the AMORA, an education conception-based learning model. AMORA itself stands for Amati, Ngemong, Ngarasake, and Among. He also conveyed the relationship between the AMORA learning model and learning activities in the New Normal. The last speakers, Ms R. Siti Gamma Sita Dewi shared her best practices during the pandemic period. She explained the online learning model that she used in school.

From this webinar, it is expected that the participants can adopt and adapt the best practices shared by the speakers regarding the distance learning model used during this pandemic period, so students can continue to hone their abilities and creativities. This webinar was closed with a presentation about the third Ki Hajar Dewantara Award.

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