Online Training: The Use of Online Learning Application for Primary and Secondary Teachers in Al-Muqorrobin Foundation Depok

The pandemic of COVID-19 runs terrible nowadays. It affects many sectors, including the education area. Schools are closed, and students learn from home. Teachers need to find a better way to deliver material to the students. To answer this challenge, SEAQIS conducted online training focusing on how to use online learning applications to be used in an online class. The training was conveyed using Google Meet platform.

The first training was conducted from 30 June to 2 July 2020 attended by 51 kindergarten, primary, and secondary teachers from Al-Muqorrobin Foundation. The facilitators for this training were Mr Zuhe Safitra, Mr Prima Dermawan, Mr Rizwan Darmawan, and Mr Wisnu Widi Gumelar.

The first day of the training, participants discussed video conference platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. Participants practised creating a meeting room either instant or scheduled meeting room. The next day, participants learned to use Google Classroom as a medium to teach in an online class. On the last day, participants presented their own Google Classroom.

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