In-House Training: Video Editing and Social Media Management

The rapid development of information technology nowadays creates possibilities for teachers to develop their learning media. They can create attractive, innovative, and creative learning media such as video. Interesting learning video will help students to achieve the learning target. Therefore, teachers are required to possess knowledge and skills to produce an exciting learning video. SEAQIS also needs to improve its staff capacity in video editing. SEAQIS then conducted In-House Training (IHT): Video Editing and Social Media Management on 9 – 10 July 2020. The IHT was held in online mode using  Zoom meeting.

The facilitators of the programme were Mr Alfian Wahyudi from CDETEP in Science, Muhammad Iqbal Nugroho from Jakarta Institute of Arts, and Mr Refa Apriatna Moch Lutfi from Information, Technology, and Communication Centre. The participants were all staff members of SEAQIS.

On the first day, Mr Alfian introduced simple software to edit videos using a smartphone. He then guided the participants to edit video using the software. The next topic of the IHT was about social media management. Mr Refa, as the facilitator presented how to manage the social media of a state institution. He also discussed how to attract readers and manage an exciting layout for social media. The last day of the event was discussing video transition and colour correction.  The facilitator showed several examples of videos using various transitions.

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