Webinar Series 6

The sixth webinar was the last series of SEAQIS’ Webinar Series under the theme Science Teaching and Learning Innovation in the New Normal: Lesson Learn from Southeast Asian Countries. The webinar series was conducted to find out how teachers respond to the current situation in which almost all countries in the world are affected by COVID-19.

The webinar series 6 was conducted on 22 July 2020 moderated by Mr Zuhe Safitra, the head of partnership and publication division. The webinar presented three speakers including Dr Inggriani Liem, Ms Desy Merisa Susanti, and Mr Herwin Hamid. This webinar was attended by participants through a Zoom Meeting and also was broadcasted live on SEAQIS’ YouTube channel.

Dr Inggriani Liem is the chief of Bebras Indonesia, an organization focusing on developing computational thinking in Indonesia, presenting about Computational Thinking Learning. She stated that in this modern era, teachers must be able to integrate technology, content, and pedagogy in the learning process. In Computational Thinking, students are required to think critically. She then exemplified a computational thinking learning that it can be done through problem-solving strategy games.

The second speaker was Ms Desy Merisa Susanti, a primary school teacher from SDN 196 Sukarasa Bandung, presenting about her best practices in the teaching-learning process during the pandemic period. She shared her experiences in applying a learning method that creates challenges for her students.

The last speaker was Mr Herwin Hamid, a physic teacher of SMPN 6 Kendari, presenting about the Strategy and Content Knowledge of Science Learning in the New Normal Era. He shared his experiences teaching science using various digital applications. He also shared his achievements after developing several applications for science learning. The webinar was concluded by Ki Hajar Dewantara presentation presented by the moderator as well as completing SEAQIS’ webinar series. From the series, it is expected that teachers and education personnel could find out strategies to teach science during the pandemic period.


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