Capacity Building Activity for SEAQIS Interns


SEAQIS held a capacity-building activity for interns from 18 to 19 June 2022. This program was conducted at BBGP (Balai Besar Guru Penggerak) Hall and around Gedung Sate, Bandung, West Java. The SEAQIS interns consisted of students from Piksi Ganesha, UNPAD (Universitas Padjadjaran), and selected vocational high school students in Java Island who were facilitated by the SEAQIS team and Dr Gatot Hari Priowirjanto (the coordinator of 7 SEAMEO Centers in Indonesia). This activity was intended to foster solidarity and cooperation among the SEAQIS interns. In addition, the interns were also given the challenge to carry out entrepreneurial activities in the form of selling the products they had made, in order to boost their entrepreneurial spirit and persistency. 

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