Lebih Dekat dengan P5


On 5 October 2022, SEAQIS conducted its 4th webinar series entitled Lebih Dekat dengan P5. This webinar was intended to share knowledge regarding the main concept of P5 (Projek Penguatan Profil Pelajar Pancasila) and its best practice in Science. The participants were mostly educators from various levels in Indonesia because this concept is only applied along with the latest Indonesian curriculum, Kurikulum Merdeka. 

In order to equip the educators in implementing P5, SEAQIS invited two notable speakers in their respective fields from Kampus Guru Cikal and Lazuardi Al Falah (GIS) Klaten, which were Ms Marsaria Primadonna and Ms Febriandrini Kumala. On the first session, Ms Pima (Marsaria) explained about the implementation of P5 in a classroom. Meanwhile, Ms Andri (Febriandrini) shared her best practice in a classroom regarding Science project-based learning which still related to P5. 

Both sessions run smoothly with well-organised interaction between the participants, speakers, as well as the moderator—Ms Lintang Ratri Prastika, the Head of Partnership and Publication from SEAQIS. Before the webinar was closed, both Ms Pima and Ms Andri gave their closing statements to encourage all of us in keep learning and implementing the values of P5 in a classroom. 

To quote from Ms Pima’s powerpoint material which derived from the Father of National Education’s statement: 

“… perlulah anak anak [Taman Siswa] kita dekatkan hidupnya kepada perikehidupan rakyat, agar supaya mereka tidak hanya memiliki ‘pengetahuan’ saja tentang hidup rakyatnya, akan tetapi juga dapat ‘mengalaminya’ sendiri , dan kemudian tidak hidup berpisahan dengan rakyatnya.” -Ki Hadjar Dewantara 

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