In-House Training on The Implementation of STEM Learning at Darul Hikam Integrated Primary School


On 15 October 2022, SEAQIS was invited to deliver the materials at In-House Training (IHT) on STEM Learning Implementation for teachers at Darul Hikam Integrated Primary School (DHIS-Primary). Dr. Poppy Kamalia Devi and Ms Lintang Ratri Prastika from SEAQIS were assigned to share knowledge in the event.

This IHT was not only attended by Science teacher, but also by all DHIS-Primary teachers. The principal hopes that STEM learning can be carried out by the teachers of any subject by collaborating with each other.

The IHT materials consisted of the presentation of the 21st-century learning issues, the urgency of implementing STEM learning, and the concept of STEM learning. Moreover, through three STEM challenge activities, the teachers explored the characteristics of STEM.

This IHT is the cooperation programme between DHIS-Primary and SEAQIS. Furthermore, this cooperation will be inaugurated with the signing of the MoU. Hopefully, DHIS-Primary will be the next SEAQIS target school for Partner School Assistance programme in implementing STEM Learning.

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