SEAMEO STAR Village Programme implementation in Cihideung Ilir

Bogor—SEAMEO STAR Village is a collaborative programme of six SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia that has been initiated and conceptualised since the end of 2015 by SEAMEO BIOTROP. This programme is in line with the Centre’s focus to improve the competence and quality of teachers and educational staff of science.

The Centre’s contribution for the SEAMEO STAR Village programme on the second year focuses on the application of inquiry-based science learning to support 21st century skills. The realisation of the implementation is through the Training of Thinking Skills Development through Inquiry-Based Science Education for Secondary and Vocational Schools’ Science Teachers. The training was held in two phases. The first phase, participated by 16 teachers of secondary and vocational schools from Cihideung Ilir, was conducted on 28-29 April 2017 at SMK Geo Informatika, Cihideung Ilir, Ciampea Subdistrict, Bogor, Indonesia. This training was facilitated by instructors from SEAQIS, namely Mrs Tati Setiawati and Mr Heri Setiadi. Meanwhile, the second phase is planned to be held in November 2017.

The target of this training was secondary school teachers. This training introduced and enhanced the teachers’ knowledge on the National Curriculum, provided an understanding of the basic principles of inquiry-based science learning, created effective question items for students’ skills in inquiry, designed learning activity using inquiry approach, and conducted suitable assessments in the inquiry learning process. In the last session, all participants were also trained to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) question items for science subjects.

Through this programme, it is expected that the Centre could enhance the quality of science education personnel in Cihideung Ilir and initiate other programmes to increase the competence of education personnel with support from other SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia.

Written by: SEAMEO QITEP in Science Public Relation Team