Collaboration Agreement between SEAMEO QITEP in Science and the Samosir Regency Government Office to Improve Competencies of Teachers and Education Personnel


Jakarta – On 29-30 August 2017 The six SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia gathered to convene the Inter Centre Collaboration Meeting (ICCM) at SEAMEO QITEP in Language Jakarta.  It is the regular meeting agenda among Indonesian centres to raise current issues of the Centres’ programmes, ministerial policies in Indonesia, and information sharing for the Centre betterment.  One of the meeting agenda was signing the Memorandum of Understanding between directors of QITEPs and the regent of Samosir.   The main interest of the collaboration is the improvement of teachers and education competence in science, mathematics, and language considering the potential assets of the area in the future

The MoU related to the enhancement of competencies of teachers and education personnel in science was signed by Director of SEAQIS, Prof Dr Triyanta, and the regent of Samosir Regency, Drs Rapidin Simbolon MM on 30 August 2017. Meanwhile, the MoUs for the language and mathematics field were signed by the regent and the director of SEAQIL and SEAQIM respectively. This Collaboration agreement was valid until 3 years ahead that will be referred by collaborative programmes of SEAMEO Centres and the local government of Samosir.

Written by Lintang Ratri Prastika

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