SEAQIS 8th Governing Board Meeting


Makassar – SEAMEO QITEP in Science (SEAQIS) 8th Governing Board Meeting (GBM) was successfully held at The Rinra Makassar Hotel, 25-29 September 2017. Students of 3 Makassar Junior High School Students (SMPN 3 Makassar) were involved in this year’s GBM opening ceremony, they performed a welcome traditional dance called 4 ethnics dance. After the performance, Prof Triyanta, the Director of SEAQIS, gave his welcome remarks followed by Ms Anti Rismayanti who gave official remarks as the representative of SEAMEO Secretariat.

The meeting was attended by the Governing Board (GB) Members from SEAMEO Member Countries, the representative of SEAMEO Secretariat, and representatives of related institutions as observers, Board of Directors of SEAQIS and all of SEAQIS’ Personnel. The main purpose of the meeting was to give directions and input related to the previous, current and future activities of the Centre for further submission to the HOM and SEAMEO Council Conference, and for discussion with all GB Members to review internal issues and to seek possible solutions.

The Meeting approved the Centre’s proposed programmes to be proceeded in Fiscal Year 2018. The approved main programmes were the Second Phase of 21st Century Curriculum through SEA Digital Class through online and face to face intervention model, the 2nd Ki Hajar Dewantara Award, plan of developing science learning material videos, and the 3rd Research Grants. The meeting came to an end with the announcement from SEAMEO Secretariat that there will be SEAMEO Innovation Award 2018 and all SEAMEO Centres will be asked to propose 10 programmes and activities considered to be best practices..

One of the meeting sessions that provided new experiences of the venue was excursion which was conducted on the 3rd day of the GBM event. The visited objects were Makassar’s cultural icons, such as Karst Rammang-rammang, Fort Rotterdam, La Galigo Museum, Somba Opu Street, and Losari Beach.

Referring to the inputs of the meeting, SEAQIS enhances the incoming programmes and activities to be more qualified in order to fulfill the needs of teachers and educational personnel in the Southeast Asia region to create golden generation with 21st century skills. In addition, SEAMEO Secretariat extended the intention to create the SEAMEO Innovation Award for those who figures with excellent innovation, encourages SEAMEO Centres to be involved in a joint event of GBM, considering the favorite destination with more accessses, and emphasized the involvement of key speakers and Governing Board Members in Online Lecture Series that has been regular agenda in SEAMEO Centres.

Written by Girindra Adyapradana

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