Cambodian Science Teachers Learning Inquiry Based Science Education


To carry out its main tasks and functions in Southeast Asia, SEAQIS organised In-Country Training on Inquiry Based Science Education in Preparing for STEM Education in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from 4 to 6 December 2017. The training was held through cooperation between SEAQIS and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia. For this programme, SEAQIS was represented by Ms Lidiya Sinulingga, Ms Eka Danti Agustiani, and Ms Adella Anfidina Putri. The programme was attended by 35 people, consisting of Junior High School science teachers, science teacher trainers and Cambodia government officials related to science teacher coaching.

The materials discussed in the training were simple concepts and practices of Inquiry Based Science Education, Higher Order Thinking Skills, and the Approach of Science Technology Education Mathematics. Participants were also strengthened on contextualised science learning and assessment in IBSE using HOTS. At the end of the training, participants enthusiastically made short Inquiry-Based Science Lesson Plan which was then implemented in the form of peer micro teaching. Based on the participants’ testimonials, the training was considered to be very useful to improve their pedagogy competence and the quality of science learning in the classroom, expected to achieve the ultimate goal: enhancing students’ literation in science.

Written by Eka Danti Agustiani

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