Laporan Hasil Penelitian Bidang IPA – Arna Fera


Arna Fera, 2017: Improving Science Lesson by Using Comic Instruction Materials and LKS Shaped LKS Forms of Puzzle and Match in Class VIII SMPN 30 Padang

The low understanding of concepts, motivation and student learning activities on science subjects affect the learning outcomes. Less active attitude, less student centered classes, and the number of comics found in student bags during class raids. The number of students borrowing comics in libraries compared to other storybooks. The low reading interest of students to textbooks, monotonnya implementation of learning process, that is especially in the use of methods and teaching materials and learning evaluation, is a problem faced in learning science class VIII in SMP Negeri30 Padang. The bad impact is the mastery of the concepts and mastery of their learning 65%, therefore used commercially shaped materials and LKS in the form of Puzzle and match that will make students become active. Puzzle and match is a combination of 2 methods. Puzzle method using the picture while the match looking for answers from the question so that students are easier to find answers and children are motivated to do the problem. The type of this research is classroom action research carried out for two cycles. The results showed that there was an increase of motivation from teacher’s appraisal with 83,75% to 91,25% to be motivated to be highly motivated. According to student appraisal 88,63% to 91,65 with motivated category become highly motivated. The activity of students reading comics on cycles 1 and 2 is active with the value of 74.23% to 75.75% in cycle 2. Group activity also increased from cycle 1 and cycle 2. Students’ learning outcomes from the cycle cycle that is in cycle 1 as much as 82% not yet completed classically become completely classical with 87.1% complete value.

Keywords: Comic, LKS puzzle and match -Student Activity.