Laporan Hasil Penelitian Bidang IPA – Nanik Y


This study aims to find out how the learning model of Note-Taking Pairs using Log Book can improve the activity and learning achievement of science students of class XII in SMKN 1 Saptosari. This Classroom Action Research is following the Kemmis and Taggart syntax, consists of: 1) planning, 2) implementation, 3) observation, and 4) reflection. The stages of model Note-Taking Pairs using Log Book are: identify academic ability, create team, provide related problems, solve problems and put it in Log Book. The result showed that there was an increase of activity score from cycle 1 to cycle 2, that is, the actively involved  in  learning  record  indicators increase  9.1  points,  actively in  solving  the  problem indicators increase 8.1 points,; and complete group tasks on time increase 6.1 points. The average score of learning outcomes before action was 69.09, after action rose to 79.55, and when UTS became 85.98. Percentage  mastery  learning  outcomes  rose  from  before  action  45.45%,  after  action  to  69,70%, increasing at UTS test to 100%. The percentage of non-completion decreased from 54.55% down to 30.30% after the 1st and 2nd cycle actions, decreasing on the UTS test to 0%. Implementation of model Note-Taking Pairs using Log Book in science can improve students activity and learning achievement


Keywords: classroom action research, note-taking pairs, log book, learning achievement,  activity